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Review the AXS help file if you need more help.

Filesystem Test:

File log.txt exists with size 739439 bytes. It was last modified on Sun Apr 30 22:16:47 2017. The file is writable.

The filesystem test passed!

File exists with size 290 bytes. It was last modified on Wed Dec 23 06:13:54 2015. The file is writable.

The filesystem test passed!

Usage Instructions:

  1. Add this "AXS tracking code" to any HTML pages that you want to have tracked. This text should be placed within the <body> section of the document, towards the bottom of the page. You can place the text almost anywhere, so feel free to move it around if it causes problems with your layout:

    Note that this text only works on normal HTML pages, not in frameset documents.

  2. After entering that HTML code on your pages, transfer the pages up to the server. Then clear your browser cache and visit the pages. Use your browser's "view-source" command to look at the HTML source code. Confirm that the above Javascript appears in your pages *exactly* as it appears above. Make sure that the line breaks appear in the right places.

    This is important because some HTML editor programs will corrupt the text that you try to insert into your pages. You are responsible for entering the Javascript logging code correctly and for verifying that it appears correctly. If you do not do this, then the product will not work.

  3. Code your off-site links (links to pages/files that don't already contain the AXS tracking code) like this:

    <a href="/perl/"></a>

    Here is an example link.

If any of your HTML pages reside on a different website than AXS, then you should use:

instead of:


in the examples above.

Standard Debugging Information:

This is AXS Logging Module version in debug mode.
The file name of this script is .
This script is executing under Perl version 5.012002.
The critical file system variable is $LogFile = "log.txt";.
$MaxLogSize = 0; (bytes)

Webmaster Logging Override

You can disable the logging of your own visits by having the "axs_no_log=1" cookie, or by having your IP address or hostname present in the @IgnoreHosts array.

See this help file for more information about not tracking your own visits.

Cookie Override

Your browser sent the following cookie header:


Your visits will be logged, because the 'axs_no_log=1' cookie was NOT detected.

IP or Hostname Override

The @IgnoreHosts array is empty. No logging overrides will occur due to IP address or hostname.

Environment Variables:

HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING:x-gzip, gzip, deflate