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Customizing HTML: Removing the publicly-viewable copyright

To remove the publicly-viewable copyright notice, edit the "ax-admin.pl" script. The HTML for the publicly-viewable copyright is present in the &Footer subroutine. Simply delete the undesired text.

Note: as stated in the AXS License, only users who purchase or are granted a "Copyright Suppression License" may remove the copyright notice and link. All other users are required to retain the notice as a little AXS advertisement.

If you wish to replace the AXS copyright with your own, please do not misrepresent this software product as your own. After paying your registration fee, you are welcome to add "© 2001 Foo Design" to the footer if all of your other web pages contain a similar statement, since this is understood as applying to your entire site as an entity, and not to individual software products used on the site. Please do not write "© 2001 powered by the Foo Design Tracking System", because that would be a violation of the license terms and the consequences would be horrible and they would far outweigh any benefit of adding that footer text to your AXS output.

    "Customizing HTML: Removing the publicly-viewable copyright"