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Guidelines on sending sensitive data

You may be asked to send me the username and password to your web site. I use this to perform installs and to trouble-shoot difficult problems. There is a risk involved in sending this information. Please follow these guidelines to minimize risk:

Other sensitive data

People frequently send me unsolicited business plans, trade secrets, copyrighted source code, and other intellectual property. I do not want to receive these things.

In particular, do not send me a business plan that closely relates to one of my scripts (i.e., creating a search engine that searches FTP sites instead of web sites) and then request that I partner with you and also demand that I not steal your idea if I don't partner with you. I refuse to rule out any product or feature (created by me, for my own gain) just because somebody has proposed it in an unsolicited email.

Also, do not send me source code for other products. I frequently receive emails requesting a certain feature, along with the secret source code for a competing product which has that feature. I don't want that. There are many features that my products lack, and they lack them because I haven't figured out how to implement the feature in a way that is consistent with other product features, or I have decided the code overhead is too high, or I am concerned about supportability. There is no feature that is missing just because I don't know how to write the code to implement it. And, of course, even if I didn't know how to write the code, I would prefer to license it from another vendor rather than illegally cut-n-paste.

If you do send me business plans, trade secrets, source code, or other intellectual property, please mark it with "password:delete" somewhere in the body of your message. That will tell me that the email message should be treated as secret, and deleted as soon as it has been read and responded to.

    "Guidelines on sending sensitive data"