This domain XAV.COM is for sale.

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My domain name XAV.COM is to be auctioned on, closing July 31st 2017. I plan to list it July 1st but you can contact me directly beforehand.

Why buy?

I've created several social media profiles as "xav", "xavcom", and "wwwxavcom" and will provide these to the new owner.

Estimated valuations include Estibot $66,000 and Free Valuator $142,000. Seems pretty high??? We'll see.

I've used this as a personal domain since January 1997, and then offered Perl shareware & freeware here for many years. I haven't kept up with my software and have finally decided that I'm never going to... so sadly I'm going to give up this domain. If any reputable Perl author wants to host & further develop my work, let me know — however I couldn't find anyone on my own, and I don't want to leave my existing freeware users at risk of an unknown new software owner, so my current plan is to take my scripts offline permanently when the domain goes down.