You are making a Charity request for Guardian.

Verification of Requirements

  1. What type of site do you have?

  2. Enter the address of the web site where the script will be used. If the script will be used on an intranet, enter your organization's public site.

    This site must be functional and open to the public. We may visit to verify the nature of the site and the way in which the software is used. If your site doesn't exist yet, or only says "under construction", then you will not be approved.

    Site Address:


  3. Enter the URL of the script as it is installed on your web site.

    The software must be installed and functioning in order for you to be approved. This requirement exists because CGI scripts do not work on many sites, and we want to minimize the number of issued but un-used registration keys.

    Script Address:


  4. Registration keys are large blocks of text with the format:

    	Name: John Doe

    Enter the name and email address for your registration key:


    example: John Doe



    A copy of your key request will be sent to this email address immediately, for your records. Within a few days, an official response will be sent to that address.

    If the email address does not match "" where "" is your site hostname, please include proof that you are the author of your site.

    For example, if does not have email and so you request the key for, create a URL on the site that says "this site maintained by" and mention that URL in the comment area below.

  5. Add any additional comments below: