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From: "FDSE Update Notification" <>
Subject: Fluid Dynamics Search Engine update - version


The Fluid Dynamics Search Engine was updated to version on August 24, 2001.

There have been over a hundred code changes since the last updated mail was sent, all of which are documented on the "changes" page.  The major changes have been:

 *  Improved admin interface

 *  There is now a freeware version

 *  Added a command-line tool for rebuilding indexes automatically

 *  Product has been translated to German, French, Dutch, Swedish, and
    Romanian.  There are partial translations available for other languages.

 *  The new FDSE:ROBOT tag allows you to prevent sections of your
    documents from being indexed (like the navigational menus)

 *  There have been several bugs fixes and performance improvements in the
    creation of local realms

 *  Visitors can now search from multiple different realms, instead of
    selecting all or one specific realm.  Results can be ranked by last
    modified and last indexed times, in addition to relevance.  See the
    "Advanced Searching" section of the help file for more info.

The product is available from:

The help file has been expanded:

I plan to send out updates more regularly in the future.  :)  In the immediate future I hope to improve the speed and maximum storage capacity for FDSE.  I also plan to roll out an affiliate sales program.

Zoltan Milosevic


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