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Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 05:49:39 -0000
From: "FDSE Update Notification" <>
Subject: Fluid Dynamics Search Engine update - version


The Fluid Dynamics Search Engine was updated to version on November 26, 2001.

There have been dozens of code changes since the last update mail was sent in August, which are all documented on the "changes" page.  Major improvements include:

 *  New "" tool which allows you to display results pages with
    the search terms highlighted.
    ( more: )

 *  New "plural match" option that allows search terms to match on
    their approximate English singular and plural forms.  Searching for
    "dogs" will match "dog" and searching for "sky" will match "skies".
    ( more: )

 *  New affiliate program allows you to earn a $10 commission for each
    sale of a $40 license.
    ( more: )

 *  Now indexes the ID3v1 metadata from MP3 files.

 *  Added alarm() function to help prevent the crawler from hanging while
    spidering unresponsive web servers.

 *  Updated most translations.  Added new Serbian, Finnish, and Turkish

 *  Fixed bug in the "Revisit Old" command for file-based realms.

 *  Many other minor bug fixes and optimizations.

The product is available from:

The help file has been expanded:

Zoltan Milosevic


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