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Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 17:44:52 -0000
From: "Genesis Update Notification" <>
Subject: Genesis Web Authoring System updated - version


The Genesis Web Authoring System was updated to version on
August 30, 2002.

There have been many fixes and improvements since the last update mail was
sent, including:

 *  Fixed major bug where file uploads would fail if there were
    meta-characters in the upload boundary string.  Also greatly improved
    performance for large file uploads.

 *  User permissions can now be set in a more granular way.  Users can be
    granted access to all templates, some templates, or no templates.
    They can have access to all HTML Editor features or none, or access
    only to select features like creating folders or uploading files.

 *  All strings have been extracted for easy translation.  The product
    includes a complete English and Czech version.  There are partial
    translations to German, Danish, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian,
    Portuguese and Russian.

 *  When enabled by the administrator, users can auto-signup for new
    accounts. New accounts can be configured to automatically expire after
    a certain number of days, making it easy to offer limited-time free
    trials for a web hosting service.

 *  All pages validate against the XHTML standard.

 *  Several new templates have been added.

 *  The shareware price was lowered to $38 from an original $80 on April
    11, 2002.

 *  Dozens and dozens of minor bug fixes and performance improvements have
    been made.

 *  Updated help file

A complete change list is available at:

Download and information available at:

Installing or upgrading the script should be very straight-forward, but
as always, I will gladly install or upgrade for you free of charge if you

Zoltan Milosevic

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