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To: "FDSE Update Notification" <>
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Subject: Genesis Web Authoring System update - version


The Genesis Web Authoring System was updated to version on July 10, 2003.

There have been many fixes and improvements since the last update mail was sent last August for build 0024.  While no major changes have been made, the dozens of small improvements over the last year have made for a more feature-rich, stable product.

Some highlights:

*  On Apache systems, users can now password-protect their folders.

*  Several new variables have been added to the template system.

*  An "Analyze" action helps webmasters track down syntax problems in templates.

*  Most translations have been updated.

*  Many help files have been added or improved.

A complete change list is available at:

Download and information available at:

Installing or upgrading the script should be very straight-forward, but as always, I will gladly install or upgrade for you free of charge if you like.

Zoltan Milosevic

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