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Subject: Fluid Dynamics Search Engine update - version


The Fluid Dynamics Search Engine was updated to version on July 30, 2003.  This new version has been posted on the site for the last week, and there have been no problems reported.

There have been dozens of code changes since the last announcement in December 2002.  All changes are documented on the "changes" page.

Major improvements include:

* Searching binary files

   Streamlined all code, interfaces, and help files for handling binary
   files. Added support for searching MS Word files with help of Antiword

* mysql removed

   Removed support for mysql data storage. This move has been planned for
   two years. It reduces the FDSE code footprint by about 25%, which should
   improve speed, especially for admin functions.

   This change breaks reverse compatibility for customers who are using
   mysql data storage. Such customers should review:

* Highlighting improved

   Improved highlighting code for the descriptions and examples.
   Previously, a search on "house" would match only the whole word
   "house" when calculating search results, but it would be highlighted
   wherever it appeared as a substring in the search results, as in
   "household" or "houses".  The new highlighting code better reflects
   the underlying search algorithm.

* Bug fixes

   Fixed bug in which " rebuild All" would only rebuild the
   first realm in a set.

   Fixed several encoding bugs for local server indexing when the files
   containing metacharacters like '%' and '#' in their names.  Fixed bug
   for cases in which a folder "/foo/" and file "/foo.html" have the
   same base name.

   Fixed bug in which host header was not sent in some cases by Would cause errors or incorrect pages to be returned when was used to view sites that depend on IP-less virtual hosting

Many translations and help files have also been improved.

The product is available from:

For information on how to upgrade, see:

Zoltan Milosevic


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