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Subject: Fluid Dynamics Search Engine update - version


The Fluid Dynamics Search Engine was updated to version on October 10, 2003.  This new version has been posted on the site for the last week, and there have been no problems reported.

There have been four minor releases since the last announcement on July 30.  All changes are documented on the "changes" page.

Two major improvements include:

 *  Formatting results with PHP and ASP

    Web sites created with a consistent PHP or ASP layout can now have
    the FDSE search results displayed within that same layout: - PHP integration - ASP integration

 *  Preventing automated submissions

    Two new features have been added to make it more difficult for
    auto-submit programs to abuse FDSE instances that are configured
    to accept visitor URL submissions:

 *  There have also been half a dozen bug fixes, some help file updates,
    and translation updates.

The product is available from:

For information on how to upgrade, see:

Zoltan Milosevic


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