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How to get help with logging in to AXS

This help article is for webmasters who need help logging in to ax-admin to view their statistics.

Fluid Dynamics Software does not have control over your system. Fluid Dynamics distributes the AXS software, but does not host it. The original distribution does not have any username or password configured by default. If your instance of AXS requires a login, that means that somebody else has added a username or password to the script when they installed it.

To verify your password, you'd need to retrieve the ax-admin.pl (or ax-admin.cgi) script file, and then open it in a text editor. The username and password are defined in the first few lines, as:

	$Username = 'something';
	$Password = 'something else';

If this makes sense to you, then just retrieve the file to find out what your username/password are, and then log in.

If this doesn't make sense, then you probably need to contact the person who originally installed AXS for you. This might be your web designer, your ISP, your IT department, etc.

If you can't get anyone else to help you, *and* if you know the username/password to your actual account for FTP access, then you may contact Fluid Dynamics for help. Include your FTP username/password, the URL to your site, and a description of the problem in the email.

See also: Security: How to set or update your password

    "How to get help with logging in to AXS"