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Things to check when logging stops

When AXS stops recording visits to your site, there are several possible reasons:

Follow these steps to isolate which of these problems you are facing. Note that if AXS is still logging some traffic, but not as much traffic as you expect, then the problem is almost certainly with your tracking tags.

  1. Go to ax-admin and click the link "Instructions for Tagging".

  2. Check the "Filesystem Test". Does it pass? If not, resolve that problem first. Failures may happen due to insufficient disk space on the server, a user disk quota that is exceeded, or a file permissions problem.

  3. Scroll down to "Webmaster Logging Override". Are your visits being logged? Make sure that they are, so that you can test. You may need to go to ax-admin => Customize to disable webmaster logging overrides.

  4. Click the "example link". Are you redirected to Yahoo?

    If not, there is a problem with ax.pl. Resolve that first. You should see an error message instead of the redirect, and the error message will give clues on how to resolve the problem.

  5. Return to ax-admin. Click "View in Database Format". Is your redirect to Yahoo listed at the top? If not, there is a problem with ax.pl. Resolve that first.

  6. If your click-through to Yahoo worked and was logged, then the problem is with your AXS tags on your HTML pages, not with AXS itself.

    Try viewing source on your HTML pages to make sure that any SSI calls are not still visible, and/or make sure that the Javascript tags have the correct syntax. The problem may be that SSI was disabled, or your pages were globally changes and the Javascript tag has been stripped, or something like that.

    "Things to check when logging stops"