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Dealing with login looping

In some cases, users who secure AXS with a username and password will find that they are constantly prompted to login after every few actions. The first screen will always appear after login, but requesting subsequent pages or graphs will result in another login prompt.

When this happens, the most likely reason is that the user's IP address is changing frequently. AXS authenticates based on IP address. If your IP address changes with each request, the system will require a login with each new IP.

To test whether this is the cause of the problem, visit your ax.pl debug page whose URL is something like:


At the bottom of the page is an Environment Variables list, which includes the REMOTE_ADDR variable. That variable stores your IP address. Refresh the ax.pl debug page many times, watching for changes in the REMOTE_ADDR variable. You should also try browsing to other pages in the same browser window, and then returning to the ax.pl debug page. If your IP address changes, then you are affected by this problem.

Your IP may change with each request if your company or ISP uses a proxy farm. This is done by some large companies and by Internet service providers like AOL.

If this is the cause of the problem, then the only work-around is to disable security on ax-admin. The next major AXS revision will include a cookies-based login solution that will not have this problem.

    "Dealing with login looping"