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Hits versus page views versus unique users

AXS tracks "page views" to your site. Page views are defined as a request by a user to an HTML page that contains the AXS tracking code.

A single page view typically involves many HTTP requests, or hits, to the site. There will be one hit for the request for the original HTML page. Typically there are then additional HTTP requests, or hits, for each inline image, Javascript file, stylesheet, or other embedded object referenced by that original HTML file. AXS does not track all of these separate hits -- it only tracks the single page view.

It is not normally possible for tracking scripts to distinguish one visitor from another, but some tracking scripts use cookies to identify each user. Cookies allows those scripts to accurately count the number of unique visitors to a site during a given time period. AXS does not do this. It simply counts page views. In cases where it needs to guess which page views came from the same user, it will group users by IP address. Grouping by IP address is a good approximation, but fails in cases where many distinct users access the Internet through the same proxy server with a single IP addres, and it fails in cases where a given user's IP addresses changes during a single session.

    "Hits versus page views versus unique users"