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Required workaround when DOCUMENT_URI environment variable populated

The AXS logging script uses the presence of the DOCUMENT_URI environment variable to detect whether it is being called as an SSI include or as a direct CGI script.

On some web servers, the DOCUMENT_URI variable is always populated, even when the script is called directly as CGI. On such servers, the AXS logging script will not function properly. The fix is to:

  1. Make sure you are running AXS version or newer.

  2. Edit the file "ax.pl" (or "ax.cgi") and set:

    my $use_ssi_detect = 0;
  3. Use only Javascript logging of visits; do not use the old legacy SSI logging format.

This problem has been reported on the Sambar 5.3 web server and the VirtualAve free web hosting Linux/Apache platform. It may occur on others.

    "Required workaround when DOCUMENT_URI environment variable populated"