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Admin page shows 'Pragma: no-cache, Content-Type: text/html' at top

Visits to the ax-admin page will show 'Pragma: no-cache, Content-Type: text/html' when AXS is run on a web server that is not fully CGI compliant. The web server is not setting the HTTP status header, and so the web browser is interpreting the AXS HTTP headers as HTTP content.

To work around this problem:

  1. Make sure you are running AXS version or newer.

  2. Edit the source of ax.pl and ax-admin.pl. In each, find the line:

    $::private{'PRINT_HTTP_STATUS_HEADER'} = 0;

    Replace it with:

    $::private{'PRINT_HTTP_STATUS_HEADER'} = 1;
  3. Save the Perl files and upload them back to your server. Return to the ax-admin page to confirm that the headers are no longer visible at the top of the page.

    "Admin page shows 'Pragma: no-cache, Content-Type: text/html' at top"