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Help with downloading

This article is for those who have trouble downloading AXS.


You may download from either of the following locations:

The FTP server may work best.

The folders above store all versions of AXS, indexed by version number. A copy of the latest stable version is also available at:


Each version comes with a *.zip and a *.tar.gz version. The source files within each version are identical; the compression method is the only difference.

Both the *.zip and *.tar.gz archives can be extracted using Winzip on Windows and Stuffit Expander on the Mac. On Unix and Linux, use "unzip" or "tar -xzf". Some older versions of Unix/Linux require "gzip -d" and then "tar -xf" to decompress *.tar.gz archives.

"Invalid header" error

If you receive an "invalid header" error while decompressing, it was most likely due to downloading the *.tar.gz version over HTTP. Try using the FTP link above, or try downloading the *.zip archive.

Selecting a version

Always install the latest version. The latest version will be the one with the highest build number, and the latest "last-modified" date.

The complete latest version will be stored as "axs.[x.y.z.wwww].tar.gz" where x.y.z.wwww is the version number.

    "Help with downloading"