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Converting log files

It is sometimes necessary to convert the proprietary AXS log file format into an industry standard format. This would allow you to view the AXS log in another log analyzer program, for instance.

To convert the log, use the bi-directional "convert.pl"/"convert.cgi" utility. This utility must be run from the command line. The syntax is:

        perl convert.pl axs-to-ncsa < infile > outfile

Will convert an AXS log on standard input (infile) into an NCSA Extended
log in standard output (to outfile).

        perl convert.pl -s:www.xav.com ncsa-to-axs < infile > outfile

Will convert an NCSA Extended log on standard input (infile) to an AXS log
in standard output (to outfile).

Note that you have to use the "perl convert.pl" syntax instead of
"convert.pl" on Windows in order for io redirection to work properly.

Errors will be written to STDERR.


        The hostname of the web server that generated the inputted
        NCSA log.  Defaults to www.xav.com

        -v      verbose output (line counts, etc., to STDOUT)
        -d      perform DNS lookups on unresolved addresses


Doesn't handle time zones well.
Any quotes in the raw AXS data will be stripped when writing to the NCSA
format (like a quote in a URL)

History: the "convert.pl"/"convert.cgi" utility was added to AXS in version

    "Converting log files"