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How to avoid counting your own traffic

Many webmasters want to not count their own traffic to their site.

To not track yourself, log in the "ax-admin" script. Go to Customize and then scroll down to "Webmaster Logging". Click "Do not log my visits". AXS will set the "axs_no_log" cookie to your browser. Then return to the "Webmaster Logging" section and confirm that logging has in fact been disabled.

You will have to do this with each web browser that you use. You will have to repeat the process each time you clear your cookies.


If you have a fixed IP address for your computer, then you can also use the @IgnoreHosts array in the ax.pl/ax.cgi script. That array can accept IP addresses of visitors who will not be logged.

That array can also accept hostnames, like "dialup-123.microsoft.com". If you use a hostname, make sure that the $resolve_dns_names variable has been set to 1.


As of AXS version, you can visit the ax.pl debug interface to determine whether your visits are being logged. The debug interface is the URL http://{yoursite}/{path}/axs/ax.pl?debugme (or ax.cgi?debugme for those using the *.cgi extension).

    "How to avoid counting your own traffic"