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How can I log hits to CGI scripts

The AXS SSI logging method works well for tracking visits to HTML pages. CGI scripts, however, can't parse SSI tags, but they still take important traffic that should be logged. How can these visits be recorded?

You should include the AXS Javascript logging code in the output of the CGI script to be tracked.

History: in older versions of AXS, the "bugfix1" utility was distributed which was a subroutine that could be embedded into other Perl CGI scripts for logging. This method caused problems because the utility was not upgraded along with ax.pl/ax.cgi as the format of the log evolved. It was decided that, in the future, only a single script shall be allowed to write to the log to ensure that the same version and settings are always used. Thus, "bugfix1" is no longer distributed and the Javascript method is promoted.

    "How can I log hits to CGI scripts"