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Problem URL's pointing to Shonen Knife www.mmjp.or.jp/knife

Some visits to your site will contain the referring URL http://www.mmjp.or.jp/knife/. Backtracking this URL will not reveal any links to your site.

What is going on? Most likely, you have been visited by somebody who is using the Proximitron cloaking tool. That tool will disrupt much of the information that logging tools like AXS are able to retrieve, such as the browser name and referring URL. The default Proximitron configuration will replace all referring URL's with a direct link to http://www.mmjp.or.jp/knife/.

The site http://www.mmjp.or.jp/knife/ is the home page for a Japanese girl band called Shonen Knife. The author of Proximitron thinks that they are a cool band and so he advertises them in this way.


There are no work-arounds at this time. When visited by a site using this cloaking tool, much of the information about this visit will be false, such the referrer and browser name. In most cases, though, the local page visited, the time, and the fact that the visit took place will be accurate.

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