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Tracking file downloads

The AXS redirect tracking will log file downloads. Where you normally have a download link like this:

<a href="/scripts/axs/axs.zip">axs.zip</a>

you can replace that link with:

<a href="/perl/ax.pl?http://www.xav.com/scripts/axs/axs.zip">axs.zip</a>

With that change, the downloads of the file will be logged in AXS.

Note that:

  1. In the above example, the path to ax.pl is given as "/perl/ax.pl". This is just an example and you should not use that path in your own HTML.

    Instead, on your system, supply your path to ax.pl. Your path is probably /axs/ax.pl or /cgi-bin/axs/ax.pl. Note that your system may use the "cgi" extension instead of "pl".

  2. After the path to ax.pl, you must enter the full URL to the file to be downloaded:

    <a href="/perl/ax.pl?http://www.xav.com/scripts/axs/axs.zip">axs.zip</a> # CORRECT

    Do not use a relative path:

    <a href="/perl/ax.pl?/scripts/axs/axs.zip">axs.zip</a> # NOT CORRECT

    By providing the full URL, it becomes much more likely that the end user's web browser will prompt with the correct filename in the Save As dialog box, i.e. "axs.zip" instead of "ax.pl".

    With certain web browsers, unfortunately, it has been reported that the filename will not be prompted correctly, even when the full URL is used. If you experience problems with this, you should just use a straight download link without routing through ax.pl.

  3. If the visitor's computer has been configured such that the web browser transfers control to other applications for certain file types, then you may receive two log entries for each download.

    For example, a link to a PDF file will be followed first by the browser, resulting in one log entry. The browser will then detect the "application/pdf" Content-Type response and will hand off to the Acrobat Reader. The Reader will then make its own request to the original URL, resulting in a second log entry.

    In these cases, the AXS behavior of logging each visit twice is considered correct, since two actual requests were made by the visitor's comptuer. This behavior often comes up for PDF files and audio/video files.

    "Tracking file downloads"