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Table of Contents

Known Problems

None currently known.

Planned Changes

I plan to make these changes fairly quickly if there appears to be some non-zero interest in this script. For right now I just want to get the script out there to see what happens.

Requested Changes

None currently.

Version History

Version numbers are of the format x.y.z.wwww. "x" is the major version; "y" is the minor version; "z" is the sub-minor version; "wwww" is the build number. The build number is increased by 1 with each release, independent of the other fields; the major and minor versions are incremented when there is a major architectural redesign.

v2.0.0.0011 - under development

v2.0.0.0010 - 2003-10-10 - stable

v2.0.0.0009 - 2003-01-17 - stable

v2.0.0.0008 - 2002-08-11 - stable

v2.0.0.0007 - 2002-05-02 - stable

v2.0.0.0006 - 2002-03-10 - stable

v2.0.0.0005 - 2001-10-07 - stable

v2.0.0.0004 - 2001-09-26 - stable

The 0004 build did not have its internal $VERSION variable updated, and so it reported itself as 0003. Sorry.

v2.0.0.0003 - 2001-09-07 - beta

v2.0.0.0002 - 2001-09-02 - stable