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How to disable email notification

To disable email notification to the administrator, go to the Admin Page and choose "Manage Filter Rules". Insert a new filter rule at the top of the list with the value:

any: *
ignore: 1

The value "ignore: 1" will cause email to not be sent, though the error will still be logged.

Note that as of Guardian version, the above rule is present by default. Email will only be sent if you explicilty remove that rule.

Advanced Options

The ignore reaction type will increase the ignore_request parameter to the value of the reaction string. For ignore_request values of 1 or 3, no email is sent. For values of 2 or 3, the request is not logged to a file. The remaining Filter Rules will still be processed in order to find the first applicable Filter Rule that involves a response for the visitor (i.e. printing out an error message). If multiple rules apply to a single request, the largest value will be used.

to file?
0 Yes Yes
1 Yes No
2 No Yes
3 No No

Advanced^2 Options

To avoid email notification for errors in a specific folder like "foo" use:

url-substring: /foo/
ignore: 1

See also Overview of Guardian Filter Rules.

    "How to disable email notification"