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All error messages show "0 Unknown error, unknown URL"

Here are three common scenarios that will lead to Guardian reporting all errors as "unknown".

  1. On the Zeus or Apache web server, entering the full URL to the ag.pl or ag.cgi file, instead of the relative path, will cause all error information to be lost:

    ErrorDocument 404 http://server.tld/guardian/ag.pl # WRONG
    ErrorDocument 404 /guardian/ag.pl # CORRECT
  2. Similarly, on Microsoft IIS, entering the full URL in the "Error Mapping Properties / URL" dialog instead of the relative path will cause this behavior.

    See How to enable custom error messages on Microsoft IIS step 7 for an example of the correct value for this field.

  3. On the Zeus web server, you must enter the error code in the query string to ag.pl:

    ErrorDocument 404 /guardian/ag.pl # WRONG ON ZEUS
    ErrorDocument 404 /guardian/ag.pl?404 # CORRECT

See How to determine what web server software your site uses to determine whether you have Apache, IIS, Zeus, or some other server software.

    "All error messages show "0 Unknown error, unknown URL""