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Configuring Guardian to send mail

This article describes how to configure Guardian to send email. Email can be sent to the administrator whenever an error is handled. To receive email notices, you must:

  1. Login to Guardian and go to "Admin Page" => "Manage System Settings" => "Email Settings".

  2. Enter a valid email address.

  3. Choose a mail transport method, either an smtp server or a sendmail program.

  4. Go to "Admin Page" => "System Testing" => "Test Email".

  5. Go to "Admin Page" => "Manage Filter Rules". Confirm that there is not a global "ignore: 1" or "ignore: 3" rule in place. Ignore rules of value 1 will disable all mail sending, while value 3 disables mail and disables logging.

    The sending of mail has been disabled by default to prevent users from being flooded with mail as soon as they install the product.

Choosing a mail transport method: the best way to send mail is to use an SMTP server. This is fast, reliable, standards-based, and platform-independent. Some web companies, however, block outbound SMTP connections. On these companies' systems it is necessary to use a sendmail program.

Selecting an SMTP server: your SMTP server should be the mail server which is configured to accept mail for your email address. Email-address-to-SMTP-server mappings are listed in DNS. We have a web-based DNS interface to help you look up the SMTP server assigned to your email address.

Selecting a sendmail program: Guardian allows you to select a command-line sendmail program from the list of programs in the @sendmail array, which is defined in the ag-shared.txt file. If your sendmail program is in a non-standard place, you will have to open ag-shared.txt and add your custom path to sendmail to the bottom of the @sendmail array. On the "Admin Page" => "Manage System Settings" page, you will only have the option to select the sendmail programs which have been detected on your system. Guardian requires the use of the "-t" sendmail switch, whereby to and from email addresses are parsed from the body of the email message, and are not given on the command line.

Testing email: go to "Admin Page" => "System Testing" => "Test Email". You should see a success message, and then you should receive the test message within a few minutes.

    "Configuring Guardian to send mail"