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Adding a script to the installer

If you have a CGI script which you would like to have installed by the installer, you may contact Fluid Dynamics.

The installer can only install "zero-config" scripts whereby all configuration options are stored in data files separate from the executable files, and where all configuration is done via a web-based control panel. The installer does not do well with script which require editing the source code (like "edit var $foo on line 5 to point to your email addr").

The installer supports version control, stable/beta/old types, and data-preserving upgrade logic. It contains thousands of lines of code that make it do the right thing with certain FTP server types, certain common free hosting providers, and SCRIPT_NAME vs SCRIPT_URL inconsistencies. The installer can also programmatically set Windows file permissions remotely without using FTP chmod.

All authors whose scripts are installed via the installer will receive a monthly report showing the URL's where their scripts were successfully installed during that month. Someday the installer may be offered as a paid service (either paid by the end user or paid the author), but for the moment it is free to those with worthy scripts.

Updated 2002-02-04

    "Adding a script to the installer"