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Windows server returns Perl source code

During the CGI install, the IIS web server may return source code of the Perl CGI script, instead of the output of the Perl CGI script.

When this happens, this means:

These problems cannot be fixed over a remote FTP connection. They must be fixed by somebody who has console access to the server (i.e., either sitting in front of the server or connected with a virtual desktop using Terminal Services or a related tool).

If you have console access to the Windows server, follow these steps to fix the problem, or send these steps to somebody who has console access:

  1. Download ActivePerl from http://www.activestate.com/activeperl/downloads

    This is a high-quality free Perl interpreter for Windows.

  2. During the ActivePerl install, you will be asked whether to set up an IIS mapping to the *.pl extension. Choose Yes (default).

  3. Go to the Internet Services Manager, select your site, select "Properties", go to the "Home Directory" tab. On Windows NT, check the "[x] Execute" checkbox. On Windows 2000 or XP, select "Scripts and Executables" from the "Execute Privileges" dropdown control.

    You do not need to reboot the computer after making the change, though on older systems it may be necessary to restart the web service.

    "Windows server returns Perl source code"