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Current Known Problems (with latest stable version)

Planned Changes

  1. The "Filtered Realms" realm type may be removed, since the new variable-pattern "Website Realms" do the same thing, only better.

  2. The following features will be removed: runtime realms (possibly); various reverse-compatibility routines.

    A migration tool will be provided to ease the transition when the time comes.

  3. In a future release, all date formats may be forced to the format 2002-08-02 01:02:03. Currently many formats are allowed, including string-based ones, but the string-based formats may not localize properly for different languages.

  4. Make it easier to restrict the public search HTML into a fixed-width table; currently requires customizing the HTML of both the header and footer template files, and is difficult to do in a WYSIWYG editor.

  5. Investigate whether we can rename a file while it has read processes inside it. If so, update the LockFile package to take this into account and stop blocking reads while preparing for an update.

  6. Use alternate sorting algorithm on @HITS array such that @HITS never has more than $RangeUpper elements. This will prevent the memory spikes and slow-downs associated with very large result sets, at the expense of some extra CPU up-front. Investigate whether having alternate algorithms would be advisable for subsequent searches where the total matches found value is known

  7. Add user account system. Allow webmaster to create/edit/delete user accounts and assign them privileges. Each lower-level user account can do things like Add/Delete/Approve pages for a certain realm, or Add/Edit a certain set of banner ads (waiting for completion of AuthUser package)

  8. Improved discussion forum for people seeking help on script

  9. Addition of a suite of "check-in" tests to verify basic script functionality before an update is made available on site.

  10. Improved upgrade system, where all static files are in one folder, and all user-edited data files are in another folder. Add option of "live update" feature where version checks and upgrades are done from the Admin Page itself.

  11. Add a search option to return all documents in the index, rather than only those documents matching the search terms (a work-around is documented in this help file)

Requested Changes - under consideration, but no time budgeted yet

Rejected Changes

These are feature requests that will not be implemented in the foreseeable future.

Version History

v2.0.0.0074 - under development

v2.0.0.0073 - 2005-08-22 - stable

v2.0.0.0072 - 2004-04-04 - stable

v2.0.0.0071 - 2003-12-09 - stable

v2.0.0.0070 - 2003-11-09 - stable

v2.0.0.0069 - 2003-10-10 - stable

v2.0.0.0068 - 2003-10-09 - stable

v2.0.0.0067 - 2003-09-26 - stable

v2.0.0.0066 - 2003-08-17 - stable

v2.0.0.0065 - 2003-07-30 - stable

v2.0.0.0064 - 2003-07-25 - stable

v2.0.0.0063 - 2003-04-29 - stable

v2.0.0.0062 - 2003-04-09 - stable

v2.0.0.0061 - 2003-01-16 - stable

v2.0.0.0060 - 2002-12-11 - stable

v2.0.0.0059 - 2002-12-10 - stable

v2.0.0.0058 - 2002-12-09 - stable

v2.0.0.0057 - 2002-11-10 - stable

v2.0.0.0056 - 2002-11-08 - stable

v2.0.0.0055 - 07/10/2002 - stable release

v2.0.0.0054 - 06/16/2002 - stable release

v2.0.0.0053 - 11/26/2001 - stable release

v2.0.0.0052 - 11/12/2001 - stable release

v2.0.0.0051 - 09/26/2001 - stable release

v2.0.0.0050 - 09/04/2001 - stable release

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