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Security: How to force a reset of the admin password

This article describes how to force a reset of your admin password if you forget the password or otherwise need to reset it.

  1. edit the file "search/searchdata/settings.pl"

  2. It will contain a line labeled "Password = something" where "something" is an encrypted string. Delete that line.

  3. Visit the search admin page. You will be prompted to create a new admin password.

  4. Enter your desired new password twice, and then submit the form.

  5. You may now log in normally.

Passwords are stored using Perl's crypt function, which is a highly secure one-way encryption algorithm. There is no way to determine what the password was earlier; it can only be reset to something new.

Note that FDSE supports both "settings.cgi" and "settings.pl" as the settings file within the "search/searchdata" folder. If you have a file name "settings.cgi", edit it as described above.

Trouble shooting

FDSE uses session cookies, when possible, to maintain the logged-in state. If you have trouble signing in or setting your initial admin password, it may help to clear all of your cookies.

To do that, close all instances of your web browser. Then open a single instance and clear all cookies and cache files. Then return to the FDSE admin page.

    "Security: How to force a reset of the admin password"