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Support for FDSE-Index-As META header

If a web page contains this META header, its contents will be indexed under the URL given in the "content" attribute, no matter which actual URL was used to originally request the document:

	<meta name="fdse-index-as" content="http://www.xav.com/notify/" />

This feature is useful for preventing duplicate entries.

For example, the following URL can be accessed using any of these names:

An index-as header is used to force the URL to be simply http://www.xav.com/notify/ in the search results.

The General Setting "Parse FDSE-Index-As Header" can be set to 0 to disable this feature.

Care must be taken when using this feature with "file system" realms; see URL rewrite limitations with file system discovery.

This feature was added in FDSE version

    "Support for FDSE-Index-As META header"