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Error "could not get shared read lock" occurs when viewing admin page

FDSE uses both shared and exclusive file locks to protect data from corruption when multiple processes use the same file at the same time.

Some operating systems -- notably older versions of Sun Solaris with older versions of Perl -- do not provide shared locks (technically, Perl is forced to use lockf(3) rather than flock(2) or fcntl(2) on those systems). When FDSE is run under such conditions, the error message "unable to get a shared read lock on file" or "read lock on the file was not granted" will appear after about 30 seconds when trying to view the admin page for the first time.

A workaround has been made available in FDSE version Install that version, and then place an empty file named "bypass_file_locking.txt" in the "searchdata" folder. If that file exists, then FDSE will bypass all flock calls and the product should work normally.

11 Apr 2001 -- this hack is needed for users of demon.net a.k.a. demon.co.uk.

    "Error "could not get shared read lock" occurs when viewing admin page"