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Configuring mySQL on Windows 2000

mysql support has been removed from the Fluid Dynamics Search Engine. This help file will be removed in a few months. See Support for mysql dropped in FDSE version

Original content remains below.


Follow these instructions to get mySQL, Perl and FDSE working together on Windows 2000. These instructions probably work for other flavors of Windows as well. All of the software is free, but you will need a C++ compiler, which may or may not be free. I used Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, because I had a free copy handy, but normally it costs like $600. You may be able to use the free compiler from www.cygwin.com.

Since neither mySQL, Perl, nor the SQL-modules are installed with Windows by default, you will need to be sitting in front of the computer with Administrator access to get them installed. If you have only FTP or share-level access, you'll have to contact your administrator for help.

  1. Download and install mysql from www.mysql.com. Get the Windows binary distribution.

  2. After installing, run "\mysql\bin\winmysqladmin.exe". It will prompt you to set a username and password - do so.

  3. From the SQL admin tool, go to the "Databases" tab, then in the Databases window, right-click on your server name and choose "Create Database". Create a new empty database named "FDSE". Now you're done with mysql and can close it.

  4. Download and install Activestate ActivePerl from www.activestate.com.

  5. Download the following modules from www.cpan.org: DBI and DBD::mysql. Their naming structure is somewhat confusing. I downloaded the following to get these modules:

    Bundle      TIMB      DBI-1.14.tar.gz                 174k  14 Jun 2000
    Msql        JWIED     Msql-Mysql-modules-1.2215.tar.gz  187k  20 Aug 2000
  6. After downloading each module, extract it into a folder like 'e:/temp'. Then, from the command line, run the following commands:

    1. perl Makefile.PL
    2. nmake
    3. nmake test
    4. nmake install

    Their documentation will tell you to run "make", but use "nmake" on Windows with MSVC installed. I encountered a bunch of fatal errors while running "nmake test" on DBD::mysql, but I just chose to ignore them and the system worked okay when it was all finished.

  7. Install FDSE to your Windows machine. Go to the admin page and then the "Data Storage" screen. It should tell you that the DBI and DBD::mysql module tests passed. Set these options:

    • SQL: Hostname: localhost
    • SQL: Database: FDSE
    • SQL: Password: (the password you configured for mysql in step 2)
    • SQL: Username: (username for mysql, step 2)

    Then choose "Create Database Configuration" and then Migrate Data and then, at the bottom of the Data Storage page, select SQL as your storage method.

Running mySQL on Windows does not prevent you from running Microsoft SQL in parallel.

    "Configuring mySQL on Windows 2000"