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Customizing HTML: Using a fixed-width table

To make all of the output fit inside a fixed-width table, edit two files: "header.htm" and "footer.htm", found in the folder "search/searchdata/templates".

In "header.htm", add the following text right after the <body> tag:

	<table border="0" width="638"><tr><td align="left" valign="top">

In "footer.htm", add the following text right before the </body> tag:


You may replace "638" with your desired width. To make a centered table, use the HTML <center> tag before and after the <table> tag.

Sometimes the table will be extended beyond its fixed width, if there is a long string of text that can't be broken into multiple lines (a long URL, for example). This is a limitation of the browser.

Some users have had better luck using the following pairs of tags, rather than <table>. For the header:

	<center><div style="text-align:left;align:center;width:638px">



This alternate syntax tends to render faster, though it may require newer browsers.

    "Customizing HTML: Using a fixed-width table"