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Advertising: How the FDSE advertising system works

The Fluid Dynamics Search Engine allows Site Owners to create as many advertisements as they wish. An "advertisement" is a block of HTML text. Ads can be very simple, like a text link, or more complex, like those with forms and script. Advertisements may be tied to search keywords as well.

FDSE is targeted at Site Owners who partner with Pay-Per-Click companies. These companies typically provide small blocks of HTML text to be displayed on a web page, and then they take care of all details of banner rotation, tracking impressions, tracking click-throughs, and reporting.

Site Owners who work with Advertisers directly may still benefit from the FDSE advertising system, but they may want additional scripts for tracking click-throughs and reporting. Such software may be acquired at The CGI Resource Index.

    "Advertising: How the FDSE advertising system works"