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Advanced Search: Selecting number of search results per page

The "maxhits" form variable can control how many search results are displayed on each search results page. To use this variable, add a control like this to your search form:

<form action="search.pl">
Terms: <input name="Terms"><BR>
Hits per page:
	<select name="maxhits">
		<option value="10">10
		<option value="25">25
		<option value="100">100
<input type="submit"></form>

The "maxhits" form variable will override the setting "Admin Page" => "User Interface" => "Hits Per Page", on a per-visitor basis.

FDSE will preserve the value of "maxhits" when building the "Previous, Next, 1, 2, 3"-style links at the bottom of the search results. To preserve the value through repeated uses of the search form at the bottom of the search results, either use an active HTML FORM element like the one above, or include the following hidden tag:

<input type="hidden" name="maxhits" />

The search form template is processed using the SetDefaults subroutine. That subroutine will always default HTML FORM elements to their current values, when they are properly formatted as with the select and hidden fields shown above.

Applies to FDSE version and newer.

    "Advanced Search: Selecting number of search results per page"