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How to allow visitor URL submissions

In order for visitors to be able to add their URL, the following must be true:

  1. script must be in Trial Shareware or Registered Shareware mode, not Freeware
    see Admin Page => Update License to verify

  2. at least one "Open Realm" must exist
    see Admin Page => realm list to verify

  3. "AllowAnonAdd" setting must be enabled
    see Admin Page => Filter Rules => [x] Allow visitors to add web pages to the index

Once these criteria are set, the linkline2.txt template will appear at the bottom of all publicly-viewable pages. This template includes the "Add New URL" link. The Add New URL function can be accessed directly as "search.pl?Mode=AnonAdd" or "search.cgi?Mode=AnonAdd".

The settings on "Admin Page" => "Filter Rules" will control whether visitor-added pages require administrator approval; whether visitors must include a valid email address; whether the administrator will receive email notification; and whether submission information will be saved to a CSV file.

It is highly recommended that you limit FDSE to 10 submissions every five minutes, and that you enable the form-signature algorithm. These options aren't enabled by default for reverse compatibility, but they are a very good idea. See Automatic submissions to the visitor-added URL form for more information.

See also Can visitors add an entire site?.

    "How to allow visitor URL submissions"