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How to fix error "Undefined subroutine &main::SearchRunTime called"

This article describes how to fix the following error:

	Perl Error: Undefined subroutine &main::SearchRunTime
	called at (eval 1) line 154.

The exact line number may vary.

The underlying problem is that FDSE is trying to search a runtime realm, but it has not loaded the required library "common_parse_page.pl". All reported cases of this problem so far have involved administrators using custom HTML search forms with the following hidden field:

	<input type="hidden" name="nocpp" value="1" />

There are three possible fixes for this error:

  1. upgrade to the latest version of FDSE, or

  2. remove the hidden "nocpp" field from the custom search form, or

  3. stop using runtime realms

There is an outside chance that the same error message could arise for a different reason, such as a corrupt parse_page library. If you aren't using custom search forms, then your problem is different than the one described here, and you should file a bug report.


This bug will likely occur in FDSE versions through, which were the first versions to use this optimization.

With versions through 0053, the template code for custom search forms no longer included the "nocpp" optimization, reducing the chance of this error. Furthermore, starting with version, the script would transparently sidestep calls to SearchRunTime when the "nocpp" bit was set (thus runtime realms would be ignored, but at least visitors wouldn't see the ugly error message above).

As of FDSE version, the "nocpp" bit is no longer used at all.

    "How to fix error "Undefined subroutine &main::SearchRunTime called""