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Configuring FDSE to send mail

This article describes how to configure FDSE to send email. Email can be sent to the administrator whenever a visitor adds a new URL to the search index. To receive email notices, you must:

  1. Enable "Send email to administrator whenever someone adds a URL" under "Admin Page" => "Filter Rules" => "General Settings"

  2. Enter a valid email address under "Admin Page" => "Personal Settings"

  3. Choose a mail transport method, either an SMTP server or a sendmail program, under "Admin Page" => "Personal Settings"

Choosing a mail transport method: the best way to send mail is to use an SMTP server. This is fast, reliable, standards-based, and platform-independent. Some web companies, however, block outbound SMTP connections. On these companies' systems it is necessary to use a sendmail program.

Selecting an SMTP server: your SMTP server should be the mail server which is configured to accept mail for your email address. Email-address-to-SMTP-server mappings are listed in DNS. We have a web-based DNS interface to help you look up the SMTP server assigned to your email address.

Selecting a sendmail program: FDSE allows you to select a command-line sendmail program from the list of programs in the @sendmail array, which is defined in the first few lines of the search.pl file. If your sendmail program is in a non-standard place, you will have to open search.pl and add your custom path to sendmail to the bottom of the @sendmail array. On the "Admin Page" => "Personal Settings" page, you will only have the option to select the sendmail programs which have been detected on your system. FDSE requires the use of the "-t" sendmail switch, whereby to and from email addresses are parsed from the body of the email message, and are not given on the command line.

Testing email: on the "Admin Page" => "Personal Settings" page, there is a "test message" link. After configuring your email address and mail transport method, follow that link. You should see a success message, and then you should receive the test message within a few minutes.

History: the ability to send mail was introduced in FDSE version With version, the selection of a sendmail program was changed from a freeform text input field to a select list. Also with version 0044, the auto-detection of SMTP servers was removed, so that users must explicitly list an SMTP server.

Upgrade Issues: users who have a non-standard sendmail program listed in a pre-0044 version, who then upgrade to a newer version, will have their sendmail setting deleted. To resume email operation, they will have to add their non-standard sendmail location to the @sendmail array and then re-configure it on the "Personal Settings" page.

    "Configuring FDSE to send mail"