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Filter Rules: Filtering based on PICS header

This article describes how to control indexing based on PICS headers. PICS is the Platform for Internet Content Selection, a W3 standard described at www.w3.org/PICS.

Enabling PICS

FDSE supports two implementations of PICS, those of the Internet Content Rating Association (RASCi) and Safesurf.com. To enable filtering for either of those implementations, go to "Admin Page" => "Filter Rules" and scroll down to the PICS section. By default, each implementation will be listed with a checkbox next to it. Check the box and click "Save Data", then refresh the page. You will then see all the PICS-related options.

Filter Actions

FDSE allows you to set the maximum tolerable levels for each metric measured by the PICS standard, such as nudity or violence. When a web page exceeds those levels, you can either Deny it or Require Approval. The Deny action simply excludes the page from the index, with the appropriate error message displayed. For Require Approval, the web page is placed in a holding queue (the index_file.txt.need_approval file). From the "Admin Page" => "Manage Realms" page, you can review which realms have pages waiting for approval, and then follow the "Approve" link to review them. Each document will be listed along with its META information and a descriptive sentence about how it violated the PICS levels.

    "Filter Rules: Filtering based on PICS header"