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Handling errors when entering registration key

When you purchase an FDSE license, you will be sent a registration key within a few days. The email will tell you to go to "Admin Page" => "Update License" and to paste the key in.

When you do that, one of three things will happen:

  1. It will say "success: saved settings" and the License Mode will be updated to "Registered Shareware". This is what is supposed to happen.

  2. Or, you will go to "Admin Page" and you will not see a link to "Update License". If this is the case, confirm that you have at least FDSE version, the first version to support registration keys. If you have an earlier version, then do nothing. Keep your registration key on file for when or if you ever upgrade to a newer version.

  3. Or, you will go to that page and paste the key in. It will return "error: the registration code you entered is not valid - please contact xav.com". This usually happens for one of the following reasons:

    • Make sure you're pasting in the entire block of text, starting with and including "BEGIN LICENSE", and ending with and including "END LICENSE". If you only paste the alpha-numeric data after the hyphen, then you will receive this error.

    • Or, if you have FDSE version or 0039, and your registration key includes a name or email address with an embedded hyphen "-", then the script will not recognize the key. You should simply keep your registration key on file for when or if you ever upgrade to version or newer.

    • Or, double-check that the license text does not have trailing blank spaces after each line of text. Some HTML-formatted email programs will add a trailing space to each line of text. License keys copied from these email programs may pick up this extra space. If this happens, you should manually delete each trailing space before submitting the registration key.

This list covers all problems reported so far. If you have any other problems, please contact Fluid Dynamics.

The validation of registration keys is a simple mathematical process. No network activity needs to occur between your search engine and our systems. Thus, registration keys should work normally on isolated systems.

Here is an example of a registration key fully pasted into the Update License screen:

Example of registration key pasted into form

    "Handling errors when entering registration key"