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Working with FDSE help

All help files are stored as .txt files with a title, keywords, description, and a text body. For example, this help file is 1091.txt. The mk_help.pl process creates the bundle of HTML help files and builds their index document. The latest versions of these files are stored at http://www.xav.com/scripts/search/help/.

To manage the help files yourself, download www.xav.com/scripts/search/help/help.zip. This includes the mk_help.pl utility; all the source .txt help files; and all supporting images. You can edit the .txt source files as needed, and then run the Perl script to create the resulting HTML files.

To point your search engine to another help folder, edit the 'help_file' element of the const hash, which is defined at the beginning of search.pl. The admin pages of the search engine use that variable in many places to link to specific files about features or error conditions.

The FDSE help files are covered by the same copyright and terms & conditions as FDSE.

    "Working with FDSE help"