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Filter Rules: How to promote certain sites or web pages

The Fluid Dynamics Search Engine allows you to "promote" certain web pages.

When listing search results, FDSE arranges each listing in order of its relevance, which is a number from 1 to 999999 corresponding to the number of times the search keywords were found in the document. If the web page has been promoted, its relevance value is multiplied by some integer. A higher relevance value causes it to appear closer to the top of the results list.

To promote web pages:

  1. Log in to the "Admin Page".

  2. Choose the "Filter Rules" link from the navigation menu. One of the default Filter Rules is labeled "Promote Sites". Click the "Edit" link for that rule.

  3. There will be a TEXTAREA labeled "Strings". Simply enter the URL of any web pages that you wish to promote. If you enter a base URL, like "http://www.xav.com/", then all pages whose URL contains that substring will be promoted.

  4. At the top of the page is the text "promote by [5] times". You can set the multiplier to any value between 1 and 99.

  5. You must rebuild your index files for the changes to take effect.

If you want to promote different sets of web pages by different values, you can create multiple filter rules, and give different promote values to each set. For example, you could have rules "Promote Sites - 5x", "Promote Sites - 10x", and "Promote Sites - 90x".

The Filter Rules are very versatile. Instead of using the URL of web pages, you could set the "Analyze" property to "Document Text", and then promote pages which contain certain strings (like a link back to your site).

Web pages that are effected by multiple promote-type Filter Rules will have a promote multiplier equal to all the individual multipliers combined, subject to a maximum ceiling of 99. Thus, a 10x promotion based on URL and a 5x promotion based on a string in Document Text will result in a 50x multiplier. But another 10x promotion based on hostname would only increase the multiplier to 99x, the maximum possible multiplier for any document.

For more information on how FDSE calculates relevance values, see: Sorting Results: How relevance is calculated

History: Filter Rules were added to FDSE with version on 2000-10-10. Prior to that version, web pages were promoted using the settings "PromoteSites" and "Promote Value". Very early versions used the @PromoteSites array or the $CRANK string.

    "Filter Rules: How to promote certain sites or web pages"