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Filter Rules: Allowing Only Top-Level Documents

To limit the number of the documents in the index and prevent spamming, some FDSE administrators choose to restrict additions to only the top-level document of each web site. Thus, http://www.xav.com/ could be added, but not http://www.xav.com/index.html nor http://www.xav.com/scripts/.

This restriction is created using a custom Filter Rule. Follow these instructions to set it up:

  1. Go to "Admin Page" - "Filter Rules" - "Create New Rule"

  2. Create the new rule with these settings:

    Name: "Allow Top-Level"
    Enabled: [x] checked
    Action: Deny
    Analyze: URL
    Minimum Occurrences: 1
    (_) Apply rule only if...
    (*) Always apply rule, unless
    Strings: (blank)
    Patterns: ^http://([^/]*)/$
    Scope: (*) Apply only to these types of realms / [x] Open Realms

Once this rule is active, all new additions will be required to be in the form "http://host.tld/". If there are any characters past the "/", then the entire URL will be forbidden. To apply the rule to existing entries, simply rebuild the realm.

Note: some web sites have starting pages below the web server's top-level document. For example, those hosted at Geocities start as "http://www.geocities.com/username/". This rule would prevent those sites.

    "Filter Rules: Allowing Only Top-Level Documents"