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Updating name and email address in registration keys

When you purchase a license to FDSE, you will receive a registration key in email. The key looks like this:

	Name: John Doe
	Mail: john.doe@example.com

The "Name" and "Mail" fields are extracted from the transaction record of your original license purchase.

In some cases, the "Name" and "Mail" fields will refer to a temporary employee or contractor, and the site owner will prefer that the registration key be re-assigned to a more permanent employee or to the organization itself. To re-assign a registration key, simply contact Fluid Dynamics with your current registration key and the fields you would like to have updated. You will be sent an updated key within a few days, and will then have 14 days to update your script with the new key.

If there are specific "Name" and "Mail" values you would like to use, you may also specify them in email at the time of your purchase.

    "Updating name and email address in registration keys"