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Handling error "Can't locate X in @INC (@INC contains..."

The error message "Can't locate common.pl in @INC" may appear when you run FDSE for the first time. The actual error may reference a library file other than "common.pl".

The most common reasons for this type of error are:

  1. Not installing the "searchmods" folder parallel to the "search.pl" or "search.cgi" script. That folder is required, as are all of the library files in it.

  2. Attempting to rename the library files from "common.pl" to "common.cgi" under the mistaken belief that these files need a special extension. Regardless of what you name your main Perl CGI scripts, the library files in the "searchmods" folder need to keep the ".pl" extension.

  3. Visiting the "search.pl" or "search.cgi" script while the install is still going on. You must wait until all libraries have been transferred up to the server before running the script.

  4. Running FDSE on a version of Windows with restrictive folder permissions. When Windows NTFS file/folder permissions are especially restrictive, the FDSE process will receive a "permission denied" error when trying to chdir to the folder holding the script. In versions of FDSE prior to, this failure in chdir was silent, and the script would not go into a fatal error until it tried to include libraries. The libraries would fail to load because they couldn't be seen using their relative paths.

    You might want to install the latest version of FDSE if you think you could be experiencing this problem. The new versions may still run into the permissions problem, but they explicitly check for the chdir failure and will print a descriptive error message if they encounter it.

If none of these scenarios apply to you, please consider an automated install or a custom install. Free custom installs are offered to anyone who wants one, and problems like this can be resolved.

    "Handling error "Can't locate X in @INC (@INC contains...""