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Handling error "Missing right bracket in common_admin.pl..."

The error message "Missing right bracket in common_admin.pl" may appear when you run FDSE for the first time. The actual error may reference a library file other than "common_admin.pl".

There are only two possible reasons for this error:

  1. 2% chance: You have an intact "common_admin.pl" library which contains a Perl syntax error. The version of "common_admin.pl" which ships with FDSE does not contain any such blatant errors, but such an error might come up if you are editing the library.

  2. 98% chance: You do not have an intact "common_admin.pl" library. The library file is fairly big, about 300kb, and if it is not uploaded entirely, then this error message will frequently come up. The solution is to simply re-upload the "searchmods/common_admin.pl" file and make sure that the transfer completes.

    "Handling error "Missing right bracket in common_admin.pl...""