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Can visitors add an entire site?

No, visitors cannot add an entire site.

FDSE only supports single-document additions by visitors. There are two reasons for this:

  1. The process of indexing an entire site is resource-intensive and time-consuming. An active browser window needs to be maintained at all times. While a site is being indexed, the FDSE data files are locked against access by others, so normal searches or other admin activity will cease. Having multiple visitors simultaneously indexing sites would cause all sorts of problems.

  2. FDSE can only handle about 10,000 documents. This is so many documents that the administrator would not want to add each one by himself; thus, visitors are allowed to add their own. However, 10,000 documents only maps to 10 to 100 web sites. That total number of sites is not so large that we would gain anything by delegating the addition of sites to anonymous visitors.

    When FDSE is improved to the point that it can hold many more documents, then the visitor-added-site feature may be implemented.


See also How to allow visitor URL submissions.

    "Can visitors add an entire site?"