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Indexing secure SSL / https web pages

The FDSE web crawler only speaks the normal "http://" protocol, not the secure "https://" protocol. In many cases, this limitation prevents FDSE from being used to index SSL content.

However, indexing SSL content is possible if the FDSE indexer can access the content without using SSL. The common scenarios are:

In either of these cases, you can create a normal FDSE search realm. Once the realm is complete, you must create a URL Rewrite Output Filter so that visitors will be linked to the "https://" version of the URL. To do this:

  1. Confirm that you are running at least FDSE version, the first to support output filters.

  2. Go to Admin Page => Filter Rules => (scroll down) => URL Rewrite Rules => Output Filters.

  3. In one of the open slots labeled "new rewrite rule", create a new rule with the following parameters:

    Enabled: [x] (checked)
    Verbose: [_] (not checked)
    Pattern: http://mysite.tld/
    Replace: https://mysite.tld/
    Comment: force SSL link

    Customize the parts in red to match your site. For the Pattern parameter, use whatever was used as the Base URL when creating your realm. For the Replace parameter, use the corresponding SSL URL.

  4. Test your rule by performing a search. The links returned in the search results should point to the secure "https://" URL.

Warning: the proxy.pl "View with Highlighted Search Terms" utility will not work with these types of results, nor with most solutions that involves URL Rewrite Rules.

    "Indexing secure SSL / https web pages"